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Everything looks kinda weird - what is going on?

And just like that...

as if a million product’s voices cried out as one and were silenced…

Our websites and the culmination of 20 years of effort was deleted eviscerated, disintegrated, atomized and completely deleted from the Matrix by our hosting service in January.

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So many late nights and countless hours later we’ve managed to partially reconstitute the sites. We’ve tested it and you can now place orders. HOWEVER – you will see some weird anomalies – not everything is back yet. Some photos are missing, you might see some odd text here and there, missing links, articles may only be partially displayed, etc. It’s complex and robust site so we will will be working on it for the next several months in order to restore it back to it’s previously glory. If you are shopping with us and you find you can’t complete the order, or are having some other difficulty please email us at Revival Clothing or Historica, respectively and we will get back to you. We ask for your continued patience, at times, it may take us several days to respond.

And lastly,

Our HUGE, Gigantic, immense THANKS to all of you for your SUPPORT in this terrible time!

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If so, please EMAIL
or TEXT us (708) 502-1937) BEFORE you place your order and/or to answer any questions about stock or current production lead times before you place you order so we can confirm we can get it to you in time. We do keep a variety of selections in stock but if we don't have your first choice immediately available, we can also provide a list of what options we do have in stock order to get it to you faster.

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Need your order in a Hurry? Have a date you need it by? If so, please EMAIL or TEXT us (708) 502-1937) BEFORE you place your order!

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