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Have a date you need it by? If so, please email or text us (708) 502-1937) with any questions about stock or current production lead times before you place you order so we can confirm we can get it to you in time. We do keep a large variety/selection in stock but if we don’t have your first choice immediately available, we can also provide a list of what options we do have in stock order to get it to you faster.

Looking for inspiration for your next Medieval Clothing project? Check out our full line of


Click here to see them all

in the spotlight: tons of new clearance items – 15th c. style

Looking for inspiration for your next Medieval Clothing project? Check out our full line of

medieval clothing patterns

Click here to see them all

Customer Testimonials

Mary Herbert

Last year, you kindly gave me permission to use your models and costumes as references for part of a pastel painting I was working on.  The painting is finally finished, and I thought you might like to see a scan of the end result, which I have titled ‘Champion of Warwick’.  I added a few more figures to my original design and I think they have made a nice colourful crowd and added to the atmosphere. I’ll be submitting the painting for the annual exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists at the Mall Galleries, London, in July, and will also be producing a limited edition of prints of the painting.

Many thanks for your kind help.


The couple are showing of our 12th century line. Isabel is wearing our Women’s Tapestry Turret Hat and Silk Bliaut under a personal 12th century over vest and Ruet is wearing our Silk Supertunic and Linen Undertunic.


Our very first customer at the 2003 Pennsic War, wearing our linen
gown in red in front of the Revival Clothing store.


A customer who stopped by at Boar’s Head in Milwaukee to show off his
Silk Full Wardrobe – looking great in head to toe Blue and Red Silk.

Eric and Tabatha Blacksmith
Olympia Washington

Dear Revival Clothing,

Thank you for the pleasant conversation earlier. I most certainly will recommend your clothing to our friends. We received many compliments about how well we were attired. In addition the clothing was very comfortable, and the linen makes very comfy pajamas, as they wick away moisture at night. I would have to say that I favor this clothing the most out off the extensive collection of outfits I own.

I cannot thank you enough for making us look so good.


Several customers who stopped by at events to show off their Revival Clothing. They are wearing Silk Gown
and Hood, Tapestry Surcoat, Turret Hat and Silk Gown, and Silk Bliaut, Stomacher and Double Wrapped Belt.

Kate Galyon

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! We got the order yesterday and everything fits perfectly and Dre loves the purse. Thank you so much for sending it to her that was so sweet.


Here is Miriam Bell (aged 14) wearing your frontlaced full gown at the 2019 Great Plains Renaissance Faire in Wichita.


I deeply appreciate the Gaston Phebus line. I wear it frequently (average 2x / wk these days) when pursuing game with longbow, crossbow, spear, javelin and hawk. I have been wearing elements of the Gaston Phebus line when taking elk, boar, rabbit & squirrel in the last 12 months. I have recommended the clothing line to a number of fellow medieval hunting enthusiasts. The Gaston Phebus line has held up to some pretty heavy hunting abuse. I’ve been through shoulder high brambles innumerable times that have pulled a few threads, but I remain exceedingly pleased with the performance of the clothing in the field for its intended purpose. Primarily, I wanted you to know how greatly I appreciate the research you put into your products, and the quality of the workmanship. I regularly put the wool Gaston Phebus full wardrobe through intense field abuse and it has held together better than ANY comparable product I have purchased anywhere in the last 20 years.
All the best!

I finally got a photo of my fab pendant sleeve dress in action. Head to toe (literally) RC duds!
(dress + white underdress + silk veil + white stockings + thin decorated belt)
— Jennifer Malik

Got it Friday, everything was great , thanks!!!!!


-Adrian Gunn


My instructor Ken Harding and myself, both  have your fencing doublet!


-Rhett Haynes


Hi there! I wanted to share a recent photo from a trip to Camlann Medieval Village. I wore your blue linen dress and everyone loved it. One of the volunteers even quietly broke character and told me she has the same dress in the same color. ;-D

-Katherine Smith


L to R: Henry (Hank) McLemore, Bill Grandy, Kevin Comer


– Kevin Comer

Here’s me sporting your Agincourt Arming Cotte!
Works great supporting my full harness!
-Glen Gerot

In all my finery!


-Henry Kenyon


Here’s one from Fair Verona… literally…


-Dr. Bill Ernoehazy


This is from Crown Tourney fall of 2013.  The wool dress is so comfortable and cozy!

-Sarah Dornblaser



Thank you!!


Theresa Kehrer


I love it!


-Dawn Stiers

 I just thought I’d send you these photos of our family, I want to thank you for your recent acceptance of my custom pourpoints.
 Thanks again
 -Jason Subiate

I feel like a King!

-Seto Geshuko


Love my arming points


-Brian Chabot


Here is my entry for your photo contest

-Mickey Kulp


I love my dress!

-Kate Rider


Your revival clothing “week” things remind me that I never told you all how happy I’ve been with your products. Got the hood from you over 9 years ago (or so) and it’s still going strong. And the simple hose is a newer addition. Cheers~

-Relophe Linde


Well folks, 12th Night, and the Coronation of Felix and Eva, now over. Please meet, King Felix, and Queen Eva.

-Phil Abrahams


The front laced DuLac gown in red and white

-Karin Taylor de Cameron


Hi, I’m Christopher Allen & this is my wife Mary Allen in her wedding dress made by you.
(I did the embroidery on the bottom.) Please feel free to use this picture for your website.


For your garb contest!

Lunge Petrie demo 2018
Here’s a half-decent photo of me in my Revival Clothing Company outfit.
(I’m the one in green, stabbing my friend!)
It was a Lost Arts Trade Fair in Petrie, Queensland, Australia. I was practicing my rapier work and my wife took this snap.
I like it. I hope you do too.
Am sending on a picture of me wearing my Revival Clothing green silk back laced gown.  While I have purchased other garments from you in the past (wool and linen front lacing gowns), this one came to me second hand, and I might wear this more than any of the others.
Many thanks for your wonderful clothing!  Hopefully soon I’ll forward on to you a pic of clothing I have made from your new line of patterns!
Yours Sincerely,
Jill Sibley
known in the SCA as Mistress Giraude Benet

Good evening,

 I just thought I’d send you these photos of our family, I want to thank you for your recent acceptance of my custom pourpoints.
 Thanks again
 Jason Subiate

🙂 -Ashley Walker

The front laced DuLac gown in red and white!

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