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Happy customers hand-in-hand

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A happy customer

Michael Bannerman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Here is my Burgundian Nobleman outfit. My reason for choosing your fine products is that you do clothing for the upper classes. A happy customer View All Testimonials

looking great in head to toe

Sir Silks A customer who stopped by at Boar’s Head in Milwaukee to show off his Silk Full Wardrobe – looking great in head to toe Blue and Red Silk. View All Testimonials

WE both love it!

Randy Cieszynski Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA Recently my wife ordered for me the green wool hood/chaperone.  WE both love it.  It fits and looks great!  I am a BIG guy at 6′ 5″ tall and it looks appropriate.  It was a pleasure to deal to do business with you and we will order again.  I am […]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

SGT John Steinke Company A 3rd Battalion 141st Infantry Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found my clothes waiting for me when I came home on leave from Afghanistan, and I have to say I was stunned! I can’t tell you how fantastic I feel! Everything fits, everything looks superb, and for the first […]

Revival Clothing dresses the cast of Lion in Winter…again!

Revival Clothing dresses the cast of Lion in Winter…again! The Theatre of Western Springs put on a production of The Lion in Winter and choose Revival Clothing to help create the look of the show.  This fantastic play looked equally fantastic with our Supertunics, Bliauts, footwear and more!  Revival Clothing is becoming the go to store for […]

A Medievalists’ Tour of France

A Medievalists’ Tour of France A travelogue by Gregory Mele, with photos by Nicole Allen part of the great fun in designing reproductions and interpretations of historical costuming is, of course, the research. Like all historical costumers, we began with secondary sources, only to quickly realize that we needed to rely solely on those primary […]

Awesome! I received my shipment today…

TODD SULLIVAN Sandy Creek, NY Dear folks at Revival Clothing Awesome! I received my shipment today…on my birthday!  Took less than 3 days…thank you. I’m very happy, I love everything.  Now I’m ready for the Selohar gatherings.  Now I must buy more. View All Testimonials

Revival Clothing dresses the cast of Lion in Winter

Last November, we had our first chance to dress an entire cast in Churchill Theatre’s production ofThe Lion in Winter. This magnificent play, made famous in the film starring Peter O’Toole and Catherine Hepburn, takes place during an ill-fated Christmas court late in the reign of King Henry II. Director Michael C. Whitehill was so […]

Revival Appointed Chief Clothiers to Their Majesties of the East

In 2006, in the midst of the Midnight Madness rush, the herald for Their Royal Majesties of the East, Brion and Anna, called Nicole to come forward and attend Their pleasure. Queen Anna explained that it was traditional for great lords to find those artisans and craftsmen whose work was particularly pleasing to Them and […]