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As a thank-you to all of our customers, Revival Clothing announced at the start of the Pennsic War that we would hold a drawing at the stroke of midnight on Midnight Madness to give away a full wardrobe of clothing, no strings attached! Over 1500 people entered the contest and we were more than a little daunted when we stepped out of our tent at five to midnight to find a large crowd surrounding the doorway, patiently waiting. Our winner was Kaylin Duncan of Fowler, IN. Kaylin made the perfect Cinderella. Besides being a lovely, fresh-faced young lady who was brimming with excitement, she is a college student who was at her first Pennsic, wearing mostly borrowed garb. She said that she had been embarrassed to enter the contest because she couldn’t afford to buy a dress. Fortunately, her friend used a little persuasive brow-beating and got her to enter, which gave us the opportunity to pull out our magic wands and let Kaylin put together the full wardrobe of her choice. She chose a blue, front-laced gown, underdress, stockings and veil. Presto-chango, and we had her in this new wardrobe, and the tunic and harem pants she wore in packed into a bag. As our Cinderella and her entourage swept off proudly into the Pennsic streets, we put away our fairy wands and smiled at just how wonderful – and happy – she looked.

Winner Kaylin Duncan of Fowler, IN all dressed up and ready to go!

Kaylin with Revival Clothing co-owners Jill and Nicole

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