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12th-13th C. Medieval Bliaut Full Wardrobe



  • Veil Shape *

  • Linen Underdress Size (White) *

  • Silk Bliaut Color (One Size) *

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  • Stomacher Lacing *

  • Double Wrap Belt Size *

  • Double Wrap Belt Side 1 Color *

  • Double Wrap Belt Side 2 Color *

  • Stocking Size *

  • Stocking Color *

  • Garter Colors *

Turret Hat (-$10 reg price)

  • Turret Hat Color (One Size) *

Leather Personalizations

  • Simple Belt (-$5 reg price) *

  • Kidney Pouch (-$5 reg price) *

Shoes and Shoe Sizes

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  • Turnshoe (-$20 Reg Price) *

  • Ankle Boot (-$20 Reg Price) *

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Silk colors: Black, Purple, Burgundy, Golden Brown, Dark Green, Emerald Green, Bright Blue

NOTE: we are experiencing long delays in restocking this fabric so we may have a limited color selection available – please email us or text us for current available color selection

Purple -a rich royal purple
Burgundy-a dark brick red
Golden Brown -a rich gold-copper color
Dark Green -a rich, forest green
Emerald Green -a brilliant medium green
Bright Blue -an intense blue

Note: Please note, with the difficulty of accurately representing colors on a variety of monitors, the color names are meant as descriptions along with the swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.

Linen Veil with Wimple

Top: Barbette with Simple Fillet

Bottom: Barbette with custom Turret Hat

Linen Underdress with Turban

A Lady models her bright blue silk Bliaut, contrasted with her silk Stomacher and brick red silk Double Wrap Belt. She wears a rectangular Linen Veil and a burgundy Turret Hat. One can see her white linen Underdress peeking out from the collar of her bliaut. Not shown are her linen Stockings, wool Garters, and Turnshoes.

Silk Stomacher with a black silk Double Wrap Belt.

Red linen stockings held up by ribbon garters

Wool Garters

Brown Simple Medieval Belt

Brown leather medieval kidney pouch

A black silk Double Wrap Belt over a purple Bliaut

Brown Ankle Boot

Black Leather Turn Shoe


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