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Buckled Wool Garters

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    • Based on contemporary artwork
    • Made of felted wool with period brass buckles
    • Natural stretch in fabric provides maximum comfort
    • Garters are about 26″ long and 3/4″ wide
    • Wear with either Chauses, Hose, or Ladies Stockings



If “the clothes make the man” (or woman!), then the accessories make the clothes. Or at least, they help turn them into a proper medieval outfit. Garters were used to secure men’s and women’s chauses, stockings or hosen below the knee. These feature a brass lobed buckle and would be appropriate for the period of 1300-1500.  The buckle was cast from an original from a private collection.  The Garters are made of 100% felted wool.  They can be secured by working the tongue of the buckle through the fibers or using an awl to create a small hole.  The Wool Garters work perfectly with our Linen Medieval ChausesJoined Hose or Ladies Medieval Stockings.

Wool Colors:

Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Black

Dark Brown, Camel, Patterned Wool (please don’t hesitate to email, call or text us (708-502-1937) with any questions about available patterned wools)

A woman in the process of preparing for her day, having just tied her black ankle boots, She begins to drop her simple Chemise to cover her gold stockings, which are held up by our woolen garters.

A man gets ready for the day, tying his gold linen chauses to his braies under his simple medieval shirt. he wears contrasting red wool garters presumably to match the tunic he will be dawning.

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black, blue, dark green, burgundy, dark brown, plum, jade green, red, purple


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