Children’s Tunic

Children’s Tunic


    • Based on contemporary artwork and extant garments
    • All interior seams finished
    • Flattering and authentic fit
    • Available in a medieval palette of jewel tones and neutral tones
    • Can be custom ordered in any color combination as a Parti-colored tunic +$20
    • If you choose parti-colored option add your color choices in the comments box during checkout
    • Made in five sizes to fit infant through young adults
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us(708-502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.
    • Price: XSmall -$49.95 – Small-$54.95 – Medium-$64.95 – Large-$69.95 – XLarge-$79.95


Our children's wear line is based on smaller simplified, versions of our adult clothing, as it was in period. Head-coverings were a critical component of dress in the Middle Ages. Hoods were common with men and women of all classes, and came in a wide variety of forms: long and short tailed, dagged or straight hems, either pull-over or with an open front that was buttoned or pinned closed. Only the sumptuousness of the fabric, elaborateness of the dagging, or extreme length of the tail distinguished the hood of a duke from that of a villein. In general, the most extreme version of this style with the longest tail was typical in the mid to late fourteenth century, while the shorted tail was most common before and after this time. This design has an open front that can be closed with your own pin, or you can add your buttons to customize its look. Any of these hoods can be ordered with short or long tail in any of the colors listed (subject to fabric availability).


Red, Burgundy, Dark Green, Oatmeal, Sage, Blue, Gold, Dark Brown, Slate Blue, Purple, White, Black, Parti-Colored


XS, S, M, L, XL


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Size Chest Measurement Length (from shoulder to hem) Approximate modern size equivalent
XSmall 22″ 19″ Toddlers 3
Small 24″ 23″ Boys 5
Medium 28″ 27″ Boys 10
Large 32″ 29″ Boys 14
XLarge 36″ 30″ Boys 20/ Mens 36

White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Purple

Slate Blue, Sage, Dark Green, Oatmeal, Dark Brown, Gold

Note: Please note, with the difficulty of accurately representing colors on a variety of monitors, the color names are meant as descriptions along with the swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.

Our children’s wear line is based on smaller simplified, versions of our adult clothing, as it was in period. Throughout the Middle Ages clothes were worn in layers, with a light linen tunic forming the foundation over which additional linen or wool garments were worn. The exact nature of these earliest garments is unknown, but by the 13th century, they had evolved into a simple, style we commonly call the tunic. Fortunately, not only is the shirt of this time well represented in surviving artwork, but a single piece, believed to be that of Saint Louis (King Louis IX of France), survives in a remarkably preserved condition.

Worn with shirt and hood this ubiquitous silhouette was a common style for medieval children, be he child of duke or cotter. Most clothing for younger children was relatively simple in form and therefore had a very unisex look. The simple tunic shown here could function as an under layer worn under the long tunic (usually in white) for boy or girl or alone in a color as a short tunic outer layer .

Drawing after Gaston Phebus’ Book of Hunting circa late 14th century MS francais 616 in the Bibliotethque National Paris, France

Drawing after a British Manuscript of the building of St. Albans Abbey circa early 14th century Cotton Ms. Nero DI f.23v in The British Museum, London, England

Drawing after a details in the Lutrell Psalter circa 1340, British Museum, London, England

Dark green Tunic with gold Liripipe Hood and light blue Pants

Parti-Colored Kirtle , and white Tunic with gold Liripipe Hood and Rose of Chivalry Badge

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