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CLEARANCE 14th c. Linen Gambeson

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    • CLEARANCE – save $65!
    • Limited availability, will not be restocked
    • Based on contemporary medieval artwork(see Historical Inspirations below)
    • Engineered for ease of motion
    • Made of 100% heavy linen outer fabric, 100% cotton lining and padding
    • Fully quilted
    • Padded with all cotton batting
    • We also make a Cotton Gambeson for a more afforadble or entry level option
    • Available in Black, Red, Dark Green, Blue, Gold and White
    • Comes in four sizes to accommodate most body types
    • Can be custom ordered in any color combination as a Parti-colored gambeson +$70
    • If you would like to this in parti-colored combo –  use that selection in the drop down and specify which two colors you would like (limited to colors listed)
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us(708) 502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.

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Size Chart


Max. Chest Measurement

Max. Waist Measurement


40″ / 101 cm

33″ / 83 cm


46″ / 116 cm

39″ / 99 cm


51″ / 129 cm

43″ / 109 cm


58″ / 147 cm

51″ / 129 cm

Note: This chart is meant as a general reference – while the actual sizes are larger than regular sizes this is because we discovered during our market research that due to the thickness of our gambeson most people preferred a somewhat larger size than they would normally choose in the case of civilian clothing. Please note that if you are on the cusp between sizes that general fit preferences and size of your frame should determine which size you choose. For a looser fit and/or a heavier frame order the larger size. If you prefer a more tailored fit or are of slimmer build order the smaller size. This style is designed to be looser in the chest and more fitted in the waist and hips as were the historical models.

White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Purple

Slate Blue, Sage, Dark Green, Oatmeal, Dark Brown, Gold

Note: Please note, only some colors are available in the heavier weight linen we use in making this product. Also, with the difficulty of accurately representing colors on a variety of monitors, the color names are meant as descriptions along with the swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.

Our linen gambeson is based on a combination of 14th century sources, both extant garments and contemporary artwork. We’ve retained the most important aspects of the historical patterns, particularly the exaggerated armhole, also called ‘le grande assiette sleeve’, which permits complete freedom of arm movement. Made with an outer layer of heavy, 7.5 oz linen this gambeson has a lighter feel and is not a thick as our heavy cotton gambeson. Its closely cut arms make it well suited for use with fitted arm harness. Taking inspiration from period garment quilting designs, it is padded with three layers of 100% cotton batting and has a medium weight cotton canvas lining for a combination of protection and breathability. We have added a collar for additional comfort. Metal shank buttons are used similar to those used in period. We recommend dry cleaning this item in order to extend its life to a maximum. Linen is a very strong fiber but it is also very brittle. Machine washing and especailly drying will break down the fibers over time. If you do choose to wash your gambeson – only do so in cold water and hang to dry – never machine dry as that is the most destructive part of modern washing.

Read more about our arming clothes in the article The Evolution of Arming Clothes


Drawing after a detail of the
“Martyrdom of Saint Catherine” in the Little
Church of Saint Francis, circa 1360

Drawing after the mid-14th C. jack
of Charles de Blois in the Musees de
Tissus in Lyon, France

Drawing after the Jupon of Charles VI
in the Musee des Beaux-Arts de
Chartes, late 14th century

Drawing after in the Catholicon circa 1348 in Liege University, Belgium

Drawing from a detail of the Weltchronik of Rudolf von Ems circa 1360 in Austria

This fighter dons a red Gambeson belted with a black leather Belt. Beneath, he wears his Pourpoint, Medieval Shirt and Braies. His royal blue Chauses tuck into his black Tie Ankle Boots. He secures his Chauses with Wool Garters . To shield his neck and head from the elements he has paired a blue Liripipe Hood  with a dark blue wool Brimmed Hat . He closes his hood with a Edward the Confessor Badge

This fighter pairs white and red for his color choice. His white Gambeson covers his Pourpoint, Medieval Shirt, and Braies. He matches not only his red Chauses and red Decorated Belt, but his red Arming Cap, and Tie Ankle Boots as well. A fitting combination for such an esteemed fighter.

This fighter has exposed his red Pourpoint beneath his red Gambeson. His Braies and Medieval Shirt are just barely visible underneath. He sports a pair of black Chauses, and matches his Wool Garters to his red Tie Ankle Boots

This fighter has gone for a more earthen theme with a dark green Gambeson and burgundy Chauses combination. His Braies, Medieval Shirt, and Pourpoint are tucked away beneath. He matches his black Leather Garters with his black Decorated Belt, and black Tie Ankle boots

Beneath his blue Gambeson, This fighter keeps his fighting gear in place with his Pourpoint, Braies and Medieval Shirt . He sports a pair of gold Wool Chauses, and matches his Wool Garters to his dark green Tie Ankle Boots. His waist is cinched in with a Decorated Belt, and he protects his skull with a blue Arming Cap.

Beneath his red Gambeson, This fighter keeps his fighting gear in place with his Pourpoint, Braies and Medieval Shirt . His head is covered in a linen Coif and his waist belted with a Decorated Belt. He tucks his black Chauses into brown Tall Leather Boots


Additional information


red – size XL, white – size XL


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