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CLEARANCE Linen Half Sleeve

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    • Limited availability, will not be restocked
    • Full selection available on regular half sleeve product page
    • Based on contemporary artwork and extant garments
    • All interior seams finished
    • Made in 100% Linen
    • Designed to be pinned into the shorter sleeve of our frontlaced gown
    • Available in two sizes for a flattering fit
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us (708) 502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.


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The perfect solution for that medieval layered look in the heat of summer! The pin-in linen half-sleeves can be used to brighten up your Frontlaced Gown with more color or to replace the kirtle or underdress typically worn with the gown. By the 15th century, Europe in the little ice age, and fashions reflected this with additional layers.  Although summers were still plenty warm in medieval Europe, no self-respecting lady would wander about with her arms bare so the half-sleeve became a popular compromise between the heat of the summer and the modesty of the era. To keep authenticity in colder weather, you can also layer these over the white sleeves of your underdress

Linen Colors:

White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Purple

Slate Blue, Sage, Dark Green, Oatmeal, Dark Brown, Gold

Please see our Fabric Selection page for images of all current linen options. Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us (708) 502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.

A woman with a simple silk Veil in a sage green Frontlace Gown with contrasting Red Linen Half-Sleeves along with a decorated Quatra-Bar Belt over a white underdress.

Couples outfit, Woman (left) wears a silk veil in a purple linen frontlaced gown with black linen half-sleeves over a white chemise. the Man (Right) wears a black 15th c. Wool Doublet over a white collared shirt. he sports a pair of purple cotton joined hose, and a complementing black wool garter. both wear a simple pair of black medieval turn shoes.

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2/3, 4/5


royal blue, purple


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