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Martial Arts Pants

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    • Designed by HEMA practitioners and researchers
    • Engineered for comfort and durability
    • Made of 100% sturdy mid-weight cotton twill
    • Added crotch gusset for mobility
    • Constructed with double stitched seams for added strength
    • Available in basic Black
    • Comes in four sizes
    • Shown with our Medieval Wrestling Jacket, Padded Hema Jacket and Unpadded Hema Jacket
    • For fuller, more historical silhouette see our Renaissance Fencing Pants
    • For a shorter version see our Fencing Knickers
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us(708-502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.


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The interest in HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts has grown dramatically over the last couple of decades. Dozens of manuscripts and printed books survive from the period 1300-1600, detailing the historical use of a wide variety of weapons, wielded in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback. Wrestling with and without weapons is a key component of these martial arts.

Designed to compliment our our Padded Hema JacketUnpadded Hema JacketMedieval Wrestling Jacket and Renaissance Fencing Doublet, our Martial Arts Pants are constructed for ease of movement and comfort while training. Our design includes double stitched seams, pockets, a crotch gusset to allow more extreme motion, like the lunge and both elastic and drawstring at the waistband for the best fit. For a shorter version see our Fencing Knickers. For fuller, more historical silhouette see our Renaissance Fencing Pants.


Size Chart



Waist Measurement

Hip Measurement



30″ / 76 cm

36″ / 32 cm

24″ / 61 cm


34″ / 86 cm

41″ / 104 cm

24″ / 61 cm


38″ / 96 cm

43″ / 109 cm

25″ / 63 cm


42″ / 106 cm

46″ / 116 cm

25″ / 63 cm

This fencer pairs a dark green Unpadded HEMA Jacket with his black Martial Arts Pants, and finishes the look with a pair of black Tie Ankle Boots and black Swordplay Gloves.

This fighter wears a comfortable, more relaxed ensemble consisting of a green Wrestling Jacket paired with Black Martial Arts Pants and brown Tie Ankle Boots.



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