Premium Unpadded HEMA Jacket

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Premium Unpadded HEMA Jacket

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    • Designed by HEMA practitioners and researchers, based on historical patterns and practical use requirements
    • Jacket is made-to-order in 100% sturdy cotton duck for durability and breathability
    • Intended for everyday use, drilling & training, for heavier use, more intense drilling & sparring see our Premium Padded Hema Jacket
    • Want to save some $? Checkout our Basic Padded HEMA jacket
    • Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes in both Regular and Slim fit variations, the only difference between them is the regular fit has more ease in waistline.
    • Refer to our size chart below when choosing your size. Note: this style is meant to fit snugly in the torso and waist while still providing freedom of movement in shoulders and arms
    • Hidden front zipper closure in front with eyelets for optional ties provides a finished look & complete coverage
    • High neck for padding under neck protection & slits for ease of movement at the wrists and hem
    • Comes in Black, Dark Green, Red, Blue or Custom Colors – all with optional black contrast collar +$19.95
    • If you choose the custom color option – add your color preference in the notes section of the order
    • Option for Chicago Swordplay Guild(CSG) color combination in green w/black collar & CSG patch on back +$29.95
    • Shown with our Renaissance Fencing Pants for a dramatic, period silhouette and our Fencing Knickers and full length Martial Arts Pants or Leggings for a slimmer, more modern look.
    • Please don’t hesitate to email, call or text us (708-502-1937) with any questions.



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Our Premium Unpadded HEMA jacket takes inspiration from medieval fighting garments and is made in sturdy cotton canvas for a combination of protection and breathability. Designed for everyday use and drilling. For heavier use, more intense drills & sparring see our Premium Padded Hema Jacket, meant for competition and harder contact.

Our premium version of the style is made to order in a wide range of tones, including custom color variations. Want to save some $ and/or want your jacket quicker?  Checkout our Basic Padded HEMA jacket. The most popular sizes in black are usually in-stock for faster delivery.

Using the unique, wide, curved armhole, it provides optimal mobility though the shoulders and arms critical for your training and fencing. Click on VIDEO tab above to see how easily you can move when wearing this jacket. Hidden front zipper closure in front with eyelets for optional ties provides a finished look & complete coverage. High neck for padding under neck protection. We’ve included slits for ease of movement at the wrists and hem, the ones at the wrists can folded back to provide padding under your gauntlets. Available in jewel tones and custom colors. Please note, custom orders are not eligible for return or exchange.

We recommend dry cleaning this item in order to extend its life to a maximum. If you do choose to wash your jacket – only do so in cold water by itself(colors may bleed in the wash when new) and hang to dry. Do not machine dry as that is the most destructive part of modern washing. Please note: as this is made of 100% cotton it will fade over time with repeated washings.

Please note these are made as they are ordered so allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.

Note: Measure your waist at the WIDEST point to determine your size. Wrap the tape snugly around your waist. You chest measurement is typically less import as this large, curved armhole give extra room in chest and upper back, which allows for freedom of movement in shoulders, arms and upper body. This style is meant to fit snugly in the torso and waist while still providing freedom of movement in shoulders and arms, so we recommend choosing the smallest size that matches your measurements. While we do not make made to measure garments, this style is pretty easily taken in at the waist by a moderately experienced sewist, if you would like truly tailored fit. Don’t hesitate to email, call or text us(708-502-1937) with any questions.

Size Chart


Size Max. Chest Measurement Max. Waist Measurement
Small – slim fit 36″ / 91 cm 28″ / 71 cm
Small – regular fit 36″ / 91 cm 30.5″ / 77 cm
Medium – slim fit 40″ / 102 cm 32″ / 81 cm
Medium – regular fit 40″ / 102 cm 34.5″ / 87 cm
Large – slim fit 46″ / 117 cm 38″ / 96 cm
Large – regular fit 46″ / 117 cm 40.5″ / 103 cm
XLarge – slim fit 52″ / 132 cm 44″ / 112 cm
XLarge – regular 52″ / 132 cm 46.5″ / 118 cm
XXL – slim fit 58″ / 157 cm 50″ / 127 cm
XXL – regular fit 58″ / 157 cm 52.5″ / 133 cm

Standard Colors: Dark Green, Black, Red, Blue

Please Email us for custom colors – we have a large range of special order colors.

This fighter prepares for a sparring match, donning his sleek and stylish all green ensemble consisting of a Premium Unpadded HEMA Jacket and a pair of Renaissance Fencing Pants. He finishes the look with black Tall Athletic Socks.

A fencer prepares to begin his match, intimidating his opponent with his impeccable sense of style. He wears a sharp blue Premium Unpadded HEMA Jacket with matching blue Renaissance Fencing Pants. He completes the ensemble with a pair of black Tall Athletic Socks.

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