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Revival Basics Long Tunic/Kirtle


      • Revival Basics is designed for comfort and affordability
      • Made in a Linen blend
      • The perfect under layer for 12th century Supertunic, Short Sleeve Tunic, Chiton or wear alone as a Long Tunic/ Kirtle
      • All interior seams finished
      • Unisex design – one size fits most
      • For authentic 100% Linen versions see our Long Linen Tunic or Kirtle
      • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us (708-502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.


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One Size

50″ / 137 cm

54″ / 127 cm

51″ / 130 cm

Linen blend colors: Black, Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Burgundy, Purple

Note: Please note, with the difficulty of accurately representing colors on a variety of monitors, the color names are meant as descriptions along with the swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk, Linen and Linen Blends are different and do not exactly coordinate.

From late Antiquity through the early 14th century, the basic ensemble for both men and women, all levels of society was a basic long tunic or kirtle. It was often worn under a second, colored tunic or surcoat. Only size, fullness of cut, sumptuousness of fabric and detail of decoration denoting any real difference in status. In the 11th century the tunic began to grow longer and fuller, a trend that continued with the ankle-length bliauts and dalmatics that were popular with men in the 12th century. We have chosen to produce a unisex style of long, shaped but flowing tunic that was popular for a variety of time periods. This tunic a comfortable garment that can be worn by itself or under a supertunic, short tunic or surcoat.

About Revival Basics

Welcome to Revival Basics!  We take our customers suggestions and opinions to heart and after many requests we have created Revival Basics.  This line of clothing was made to fulfill requests for both more hot weather items and more affordable casual clothing.  Our Revival Basics is just garb plain and simple.  This new line is perfect for someone new that’s just getting into reenacting and doesn’t want to spend a lot but still wants to look medieval.  Revival Basics is loose casual clothing that can be just hanging out in camp clothes or a backup if everything else is wet or dirty.  Sometimes it’s just too hot at events to wear all the fancy stuff so be cool and comfortable in Revival Basics!  These garments are made from Linen blend fabrics, constructed in the same sturdy manner as the rest of our line and all for under $150!

This gentleman here goes for a bold red and black monochromatic theme. He pairs his Ankle Boots to match his Long Tunic. Over his red Short Sleeve Tunic he belts his waist with a plain Belt, and ties on a Tasseled Pouch for his world goods.

This lady steps out in her favorite purple Basics Tunic, and St. Birgitta Cap.  Beneath she wears a Chemise made of plain linen. She cinches her waist with a Decorated Belt.

This fair Maiden layers her blue Basics Tunic under her gold Basics Short Sleeved Tunic. She covers her hair completely with a linen Turban. She completes her look with a Decorated Belt and Ankle Boots

This peasant wears a blue Basics Tunic along with his burgundy Basics hood. He finished off his very simple look with a red Decorated Belt, and Ankle Boots.

This peasant wears a blue Basics Tunic along with Ankle Boots. We have caught him in the midst of dressing!

Right: This Gentlemen has opted for a much more simple look, donning only his red Short Sleeved Tunic, Belt, and Ankle boots.

Left: This fair Lady layers her blue Basics Tunic under her red Basics Short Sleeved Tunic. She covers her hair completely with a linen Turban. She completes her look with a Decorated Belt and Ankle Boots


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Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Black, Burgundy

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