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Silk Veil


    • Based on contemporary medieval artwork(see Historical Inspirations below)
    • Made in 100% Lightweight Silk
    • Our oval veil is 26″x 40″
    • Generously sized for an elegant flowing look
    • Color: White


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In the Middle Ages, the well-dressed (and well-behaved) lady did not run about town with her head completely uncovered like a maid. Even if she decided to forego any sort of elaborate headdress, she would be adorned with the simple veil. Throughout the period veils came in both oval and rectangular configurations, which could be worn in a wide variety of ways – both alone or with wimples, barbettes, or any number of different headdresses and hats. We have replicated both shapes in white linen, and generously sized them to create an elegant, flowing look. For more formal wear, and in order to secure the veil to your head, we offer both a barbette and a wimple. The barbette‘s origin has been attributed to Eleanor of Aquitaine in the mid-12th century, and was a simple band of cloth used to secure a veil or hat, worn vertically around the head and fastened closed with a pin. It remained in use into the 14th century. The wimple also developed in the 12th century as a way to conceal feminine charms, and was adopted by both modest and fashionable women. Although less ubiquitous by the 14th century than in earlier centuries, the wimple remained a common piece of female attire throughout the period, and was a natural way to attach the veil. Our wimple has a smooth, elegant line that frames the face, and is specifically designed to be integrated with our veils. It can be worn to completely conceal the hair or not, as you choose. We have made all these items out of lightweight linen for comfort, even during the heat of summer.

Drawing after a detail in the Cathedral Treasure circa 1300 Minden, Germany

Drawing after a circa 1270 statue in the Cathedral in Rheims, France

Drawing after a brass of Lady Alyne de Creke in Westley Waterless Church, in Cambridgeshire, England

A noble woman in a deep red on red brocade houppelande with a matching henin, which is draped in our silk veil. her underdress just peeks out from the collar of her houppelande.

A woman in a gold and red parti-colored backlace gown, wearing a wimple with our silk veil pinned to it.

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  1. Diane B. (verified owner)

  2. Deborah (verified owner)

    The veil itself is lovely- high quality and well made. One issue, though – two tags are sewn into the edging. One of them is black! A black tag sewn onto a white veil? Please find some other way to attach the tags, which cannot be removed without undoing the edging and leaving a raw gap that has to be dealt with.

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