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Simple Medieval Cotton Hose


    • Made in Cotton knit
    • Affordable price makes it ideal for a new reenactor building a wardrobe
    • Superior stretch allows perfect fit for all body types
    • No-roll waistband offers comfort and stays put during wear
    • Ideal substitute for our 15th c. hose or medieval Chauses when worn with Tunics, Cottes or arming clothes and period shoes since with these items you can only see the middle of the leg
    • Available in three sizes to accommodate most body types
    • Can be custom ordered in any two of our colors as Parti-colored (pair one leg in each fabric)( +$20)
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us (708) 502-1937) with any questions about stock or availability.


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Size Chart

Note: Because of the extreme amount of stretch in this fabric one of these two sizes will fit most body types. This is also why each size fits such a large range of measurements



Waist Measurement


Extra Small

26-32″/66-81 cm

26-30″/66-76 cm


32-38″/81-96 cm

28-34″/86-91 cm


38-46″/96-116 cm

34-40″/86-100 cm

Cotton Knit:

Purple, Burgundy, Gold, Dark Green, Blue, Red, and Black

Note: Please note, with the difficulty of accurately representing colors on a variety of monitors, the color names are meant as descriptions along with the swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.

We have received many requests from customers who like the comfort and fit of our joined hose but who do not need or want a cod-piece or lacing points for any variety of reasons. For those customers, we are pleased to now offer our new, “simple” cotton-knit joined hose. The cotton closely replicates the fit of our 15th century joined hose, but with simpler line. Made with of the same stretch cotton blend (5% lycra) as our regular 15th c. joined hose, our simple hose have a plain, smooth front, no attached foot. An inexpensive substitute for our 15th century joined hose or medieval chauses when worn with tunicscottes or arming clothes and period shoes since with these items you can only see the middle of the leg, making them an acceptable substitute for our regular hose when authenticity is less of a concern.

Drawing after a detail from the Maciejowski Bible circa 1250 Pierpont Morgan Library New York City, USA

Drawing after the Album of Villard de Honnecourt circa 13th c. Bibliotheque National Paris, France

Drawing after The Three Magi, Altar Front circa late 13th century Episcopal Museum

Drawing after a details in the Lutrell Psalter circa 1340 British Museum, London, England

Drawing after Pisanello’s ‘Drawings of a Hanged Man’ circa early 15th century Oppenheimer Collection

Drawing after The Livre de la Chasse circa 1387 British Library, London, England

The Chronicle of St. Denis circa 14th century British Library, London, England

This Lord stands radient in his royal blue linen Cotehardie with custom golden sleeve. He matches his Simple Hose to his cuffs. Beneath lays hidden his linen Shirt. He ties a pair of wool Garters at the knee and belts his waist with a Decorated Belt. He finishes off his look with a red wool Chaperone, and black Turnshoes.

This Noble as opted for a splash of color. His sunshine gold Doublet is pair with green Simple Hose and tied at the knee with ribbon Garters. As with any respectable gentleman,  his Shirt and Braies are tucked beneath out of sight. He decorates his waist with a brown Belt and finishes his look with Turn Boots and an Acorn Hat.

This Noble stand in the midst of finishing his dressing for the day. He dons his gold Simple Hose, black Ankle Boots, and Shirt.

This Lord dons a dark green patterned wool Cotehardie, with burgundy Simple Hose. He tucks his hose into black Ankle Boots. Hidden beneath his outer layer of clothing are his Slim Cut 14th Century Shirt, and Braies.

This Lord stands fiery in his red linen Cotehardie with custom golden sleeves. He matches his Simple Hose to his cuffs. Beneath lays hidden his linen Shirt. He ties a pair of wool Garters at the knee. He finishes off his look with a Coif, wool Brimmed Hat, and black Turnshoes.

This noble stands tall and proud in our 15th century Wool Doublet in Dark Green worn with our 15th century Shirt, Wool Simple Hose, Wool Hood, and Black Turnshoes.


6 reviews for Simple Medieval Cotton Hose

  1. Kay Jarrell (verified owner)

    They are my 4th pair. I wear them with linenshirts around the house when I am not at events.

  2. Jerry (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These hose are so comfortable. I with I could wear my medieval clothes every day.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are my favorite “hosen” for daily wear. They’re easy to wear. I don’t have to worry about tying authentic hosen to my undergarments, and I can wear comfortable socks instead of dealing with the built-in socks of authentic hosen. The only complaint I have is that these hose eventually wear out and the elastic waist band tears off at the stitch line. I just bought two more of these hose to replace the old ripped pair that I have.

  5. Kevin Franklin (verified owner)

  6. Mark Carroll (verified owner)

    Well made quality. As soft, durable and comfortable as I would have expected medieval-style hose to be. Revival knows and takes pride in their work.

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