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St. Birgitta’s Cap


    • Based on contemporary medieval find(see Historical Inspirations below)
    • Made in 100% Lightweight Linen
    • Perfect for keeping your hair off your neck and tidy
    • Can be tied or pinned
    • One size fits most
    • Colors: White, Oatmeal


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Our St. Birgitta’s Cap is modeled after a existing cap that is believed to belong to St. Birgitta of Sweden that is kept as a relic today.  The cap dates to between the 13-16th centuries.  There are medieval period sources depicting the St. Birgitta’s Cap from Italy, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.  It was most likely common throughout all of medieval Europe.  Women in the middle ages always covered their hair and a plain white cap or coif with straps can commonly be seen in medieval artwork such as the Maciejowski Bible.  The St. Birgitta’s Cap is a great way to keep your hair off your neck in hot weather.  Adding headwear to your medieval garb adds to the authenticity and complete look of the outfit.  The St. Birgitta’s Cap can be worn for a variety of different time periods and places.  It can also be worn as a foundation layer to attach a veil to.  Our St. Birgitta’s Cap is generously sized and can be adjusted using the straps for all head types.  Our cap ties closed in the back but you could also use pins or sew the straps together to form a loop. 

To wear the St. Birgitta’s Cap first start with your hair up in a bun or braids at the back of your head.  Put the cap on and cross the straps in back.  Pull the straps to the front and cross them again.  Pull them to the back of the head either above or below the bag that holds your hair and secure the straps by tying, pinning or sewing.  The cap needs to fit snugly or it will tend to slip down your hair.

A surviving example of St. Birgitta’s Cap

A woman in profile, shows her white St. Birgitta’s cap, tightly tied at the base of her neck, and the neckline of her basic kirtle.

A woman shows off her dark blue kirtle, belted at the waist, with her hair covered by our St. Birgitta’s cap.

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White, Oat

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