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Tall Athletic Socks

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The interest in HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts has grown dramatically over the last couple of decades. Dozens of manuscripts and printed books survive from the period 1300-1600, detailing the historical use of a wide variety of weapons, wielded in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback.

Made to complement our our Fencing Knickers3/4 Athletic PantsRenaissance Fencing Pants and Meyer Fencing Pants,  our over-the-knee athletic socks are designed to stay up while you train and fence. Made of fast drying knit they come in a rainbow of colors to compliment your look!

A man shows of his crisp white ensemble of a custom Renaissance Wrestling Jacket and 3/4 Length Pants, contrasting nicely with his black Tall Athletic Socks.

A fencing student stands assured in her CSG colored Renaissance Fencing Doublet and black 3/4 Length Pants and Tall Athletic Socks.

A confident fencer practices his forms in a dark green Premium Padded HEMA Jacket, a pair of Fencing Knickers, green Athletic Socks, and finishes the look with some black Medieval Tie Ankle Boots.



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