Medieval Tie Ankle Boots

Medieval Tie Ankle Boots


• Our shoes and boots are offered in standard unisex sizes(men’s US sizing), for women’s sizes order two sizes down. We do not offer custom sizing.
• If you are between two sizes or intend to add a modern insole, we recommend ordering the next size up
• Because they are made to order, they are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
• We make these in batches so, Please allow a minimum of 8-10 weeks for your order to ship.
• Note: in some cases we may have a small selection in-stock and ready for immediate delivery – to find out our current stock contact us via email or call or text (708)502-1937
• Based on contemporary medieval artwork and finds(see Historical Inspirations below)
• Sturdy construction in Top Quality leather
• Style based on original 14th century finds
• Designed as a fine compromise between authenticity, function and cost
• Matching, self tie closure
• Extra thick soles for durability
• Substantial, but pliable leather for that medieval, “hand tanned” period look
• Available in Black and Brown
• Sizes 4 – 14 – based on Mens sizes (women order 2 sizes smaller)
• Optional Vibram rubber sole for better traction


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About our Medieval Tied Ankle Boot

In the 14th century clothing moved away from simple variants of the tunic towards sleek, elegant lines that emphasized the human form. Beginning mid-century, the man's cotte made a particularly radical departure from earlier fashions. The new garment was shorter (mid-thigh to knee length) than the old surcotte or tunic, with a more fitted body and, for the first time, a full length, buttoned front closure. This new garment became popular with noble and townsman alike, remaining fashionable well into the 15th century, while also giving rise to the more extreme cotehardie.

Our cotte is based on contemporary artwork from a variety of sources. We have retained all of the classic elements of the historical design: long, full sleeves that taper at the wrists, a body that flares at the hips, and cast pewter buttons based on a contemporary pattern and arranged in a uniquely medieval placement. As was done in the 14th century, this cotte can be worn alone over a linen shirt, or beneath a houpelande. Revival cottes are available in both linen - the ubiquitous fabric of medieval Europe - and raw silk for the man of means. All edges are finished or fully enclosed, improving both aesthetics and durability.

3 reviews for Medieval Tie Ankle Boots

Robin Cacy (verified owner)

Great quality for the cost.

Robin (verified owner)

Worth every penny.

Richard (verified owner)

The boots look great and I think the fit true to size which was one of my worries but the look and feel great!

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Size Chart

Note: Please note measurements are approximate from outside of boot. Our boots are made of supple leather and therefor accommodate varying foot widths within a range. We have found that sizes run pretty true to modern sizes. In general, modern feet are not used to the softness of period shoes so we recommend choosing a size larger than you normally would so as to have plenty of room to add a modern insole. For those needing maximum support we strongly recommend adding the vibram sole option to your boots. Please note that boots with vibram soles added take an additional 14-18+ days to ship and cannot be shipped via expedited methods (Fed Ex) and as a customized product are not eligible for exchange or return.


Size Approximate Length
4 9″
5 9 3/8″
6 9 7/8″
7 10 1/8″
8 10 1/2″
9 10 7/8″
10 11 1/4″
11 11 1/2″
12 11 7/8″
13 12 1/4″
14 12 5/8″

Our tied ankle boot takes its inspiration from 13th-14th century boots found in central Europe, particularly drawing on examples excavated in Germany, and dated to c.1300 – 1325. We chose this example because it is similar to numerous surviving examples found throughout Western and Central Europe. Although laced-ankle boots are a popular item to reconstruct, we have made a point to pay particular attention to the shape of the toe. This “neither rounded nor pointed, but somewhere between” toe, with no visible seam or fold at the tip, is a defining trait of surviving examples, and many off-the-rack reconstructions often fail to replicate it properly.

We have made one concession to modern feet in the nailed sole, which, while anachronistic, provides a thicker sole and more supportive boot. It is also ideal for mounting a high-traction sole vibram for customers engaging in SCA or reenactment combat. The ties allows adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit through the foot and ankle. For this style we chose a supple leather with a pebbled leather finish for a period look. Even better, they are also extremely comfortable to wear with little or no breaking-in necessary!

Please note the pebble finish varies as the hides the shoes are made from naturally vary. Meant to coordinate with our popular leather belts, our ankle boots come in a deep black, and a rich golden brown and are now available in sizes 6-14 based on mens sizes (women should order 2 sizes smaller). The leather is pebbled; pebbling ranges from a generally smooth surface to a heavily pebbled one – a natural result of the tanning process – but is generally consistent within a pair of shoes.

As many modern feet are not used to the softness of period shoes we recommend choosing a size larger than you normally would so as to have plenty of room to add a modern insole. Also, for those needing more support we strongly recommend adding the vibram sole option to your boots. 14-18+ days to ship

Drawing after extant finds in Dordrecht Holland, the Netherlands circa 14th Century

Drawing after extant find in Coventry England circa late middle ages

Drawing after extant finds in Deventer, the Netherlands circa late middle ages

Drawing after extant find in Dordrecht Holland, the Netherlands circa mid 14th Century

Drawing after detail of Delandloper by Hieronymus BoschNetherlands, circa 14th century in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotherdam

Drawing after extant child’s boot finds in Lochem Netherlands century 12th century

Drawing after extant find in Dordrecht Holland, the Netherlands circa the late middle ages

Drawing after extant find in Altenburg, Germany, circa 1300

Drawing after extant pair of boots found on Haarlem circa 14-15th century in Groenveld Archaeological Museum, Holland, the Netherlands

Our  Wrestling Jacket in Dark Green worn with Black Simple Hose and Tie Ankle Boots

Our Simple Hose in burgundy worn with a Buttoned Cotehardie and Laced Ankle Boots

“Finally a pair of reasonably priced, period appropriate shoes!! Footwear is the hardest thing to find when costuming oneself; it can be very frustrating to have to resort to hiking boots or whatever to finish a costume. I was so happy to open the box from revival and find these very cool shoes that will provide a supreme finishing touch to my costume.
By the way, during my presentations to grade four kids, they have asked to see my footwear! Thanks loads!”

– Katy Gillett


I am in Brisbane Australia and I recently received a pair of your black medieval ankle boots and they are awesome indeed…very comfortable and nicely handcrafted.Thank you. And once again “Love the boots”


Russell Sky
Brisbane, Australia

detail of the sole of our boots with added vibram

detail of the sole of our boots with added vibram

detail of the bottom nailed sole of our boots

“I received my low medieval boots on Saturday afternoon and wanted to tell you how thoroughly satisfied I am with them. Finally I have shoes that look terrific with my Fourteenth Century harness and that I am not afraid to fight in. I have already taken them to my local shoe repair shop, where they confirmed that once I wore out the soles, they could easily repair them. The quality of these shoes is everything that I would expect to see from your firm, and I am putting your new riding boots on my Christmas wish list. Thank you for offering this fine product.”

– Arthur A. Donadio
Attorney at Law