Viking Bead Chain Finials

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Viking Bead Chain Finials


    • Come in pairs in Antique Silver
    • Style meant to attach to a pair of Viking Brooches
    • Note: this is for the finials only, no chain, beads or brooches are included
    • Click here for complete Viking Chains

3 strand, 2 strand, Pair Finials


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Viking Women were renown for wearing their wealth on their person. Our  Viking Chain Finials are just what you need to create your own individual viking chain to adorn your apron dress. Below are pictured our pre-made examples; three strand beaded chain is the most lavish example of dress decoration of the period, we also offer a 2 strand version. The fittings are in antiqued silver. And don’t forget a set of brooches to attach them and add the finishing touch!

The chain ends can be pinned or sewn to your apron dress. Traditionally, Viking women used large oval brooches at the ends of the beaded chains.

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