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Viking Pouch


      • Based on period extant examples
      • An affordable option to complete your period look
      • An authentic way to accessorize your viking belt
      • Sturdily constructed and large enough to carry your essentials
      • Made from sturdy leather that will last
      • Approx 6 1/2” x 5 1/4” x 1 3/4”
      • Price – $79.95


Available on backorder


If “the clothes make the man” (or woman!), then the accessories make the clothes. Or at least, they help turn them into a proper outfit. In a world without pockets, the pouch was the pockets, purse and “fanny-pack” of the Dark Ages. Early period pouches came in many varieties including the basic sachel, like our Market Bag, ‘lyre’ shaped bags with metal frame tops, and  ‘wallet’ style with a flap and closure and were worn on the belt. Our style, is based on that last style made of study dark brown leather with beautiful knotwork fittings.  Based on original findings from in Sweden, Holland and Germany, the flap is secured with a brass buckle and decorated leather strap.  This pouch is the perfect way to practically and discretely carry your wallet and modern necessities, while accessorizing your belt with an authentic piece of kit.

And what better to hang your new pouch on than one of our simple viking belts?

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


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