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HEMA Wrestling Jacket

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    • Based on historical patterns and practical use requirements
    • Designed with the feedback of several Western Martial Arts researchers
    • Engineered for comfort and durability and to facilitate a number of holds, chokes or throws without putting undo wear on practitioners clothing
    • Made of 100% sturdy cotton duck
    • Closes with recessed durable cotton ties and the modesty panel in front provides finished look and complete coverage
    • Constructed with triple stitched flat-fold seams for added strength
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • size XXL available(for additional charge)
    • Comes in Black, Dark Green, Blue and Red and Custom Colors(for additional charge)
    • Can be custom ordered in Chicago Swordplay Guild(CSG) colors(green w/black collar & patch on the back) +$20
    • Please don’t hesitate to email  call or text us (708)-502-1937  with any questions about stock or availability.

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The interest in HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts has grown dramatically over the last decade. Dozens of manuscripts and printed books survive from the period 1300-1600, detailing the historical use of a wide variety of weapons, wielded in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback. Wrestling with and without weapons is a key component of these martial arts.

We’ve retained the most important aspects of the historical patterns, particularly the exaggerated armhole, also called ‘le grande assiette sleeve’, which permits complete freedom of arm movement.  Its uniquely cut armholes make it well suited for training Historical European Martial Arts. Our wrestling jacket has a medium weight cotton canvas for a combination of protection and breathability. We recommend dry cleaning this item in order to extend its life to a maximum. If you do choose to wash your jacket – only do so in cold water and hang to dry – never machine dry as that is the most destructive part of modern washing.

The ideal compliment for our Fencing HoodFencing Knickers and Martial Arts Pants.

Size Chart


Max. Chest Measurement

Max. Waist Measurement


35-41″ / 92-107 cm

31-37″ / 84-99 cm


38-44″ / 96-112 cm

36-44″ / 91-107 cm


40-46″ / 101-117 cm

38-44″ / 96-112 cm


46-52″ / 127-142 cm

44-50″ / 112-127 cm


50-56″ / 127-142 cm

48-54″ / 122-137 cm

Note: This chart is meant as a general reference and there is considerable leeway with garment because you can tie it to fit you exactly. Because this garment has a ‘ port-piece’ (a period term for the front placket, also called a modesty panel in modern terms) you can tie it shut  anywhere within the range given and you will still be completely covered. The nature of fit of a garment that ties shut is very forgiving and will permit a good fit even if you are a bit smaller or larger than the given sizes. The smallest measurement indicates the size with the jacket tied to meet in the middle and the widest where the placket extends to, or the largest size it will tie shut and still have the placket cover the front completely. It won’t precisely tie to meet in the middle on most people (unless you happen to be that exact size) but that is not necessary in order to fit correctly or look good.

Standard Colors: Dark Green, Black, Red, Blue

Please Email us for custom colors – we have a large range of special order colors.

This fighter prepares for a match in his black Wrestling Jacket. He wears a pair of tight black 3/4 Length Pants with black Tall Athletic Socks.

The fighter on the left pairs a red Renaissance Wrestling Jacket with black Fencing Knickers and black Tall Athletic Socks.

The fighter on the right sports an all black Wrestling Jacket ensemble, with a pair of black 3/4 Length Pants and black Tall Athletic Socks.



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