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In 2006, in the midst of the Midnight Madness rush, the herald for Their Royal Majesties of the East, Brion and Anna, called Nicole to come forward and attend Their pleasure. Queen Anna explained that it was traditional for great lords to find those artisans and craftsmen whose work was particularly pleasing to Them and to grant them an official appointment of patronage. She went on to explain that Revival’s clothes, and Nicole’s assistance had been a great help to Their Majesties during Their reign, and thus they were granting us just such an appointment! Nicole was presented a plaque that she proudly hung in the Revival shop for the remainder of Pennsic. We loved the period flare and &quote;magic moment&quote; that Their Majesties’ gesture added to the evening, and are deeply honored that our work has so pleased Them and gained Their trust to award us this appointment.

Nicole and Greg kneeling before the Their Majesties

The plaque presented by Their Majesties

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