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RC-TV How-To Videos

Revival Clothing’s series of how-to videos about medieval clothing and accessories.

Viking Leg Wraps – How To

This episode shows how to put-on Viking Leg wraps so they look good and stay put.

Medieval Houppelande – How To

This episode in about styling the Medieval Houpplelande; belt, collar and sleeve variations – how you can change the look of a single garment.

Women’s Headwear

This episode; wearing Veils in conjunction with Barbettes and Wimples(or how to attach a veil to your head in flattering fashion).

Spiral Laced Gown – How To

This episode; showing how yo use the unique closure used on medieval gowns – spiral lacing.

Garters & Chauses(or Ladies Stockings)

This episode; using Garters with Chauses (or how to make your ‘medieval’ pants into ‘medieval’ shorts).

Joined Hose and Doublet

This episode; lacing up Joined Hose & pointing them to a Doublet(or how to attach your pants to to your jacket).